November 2018 and a new chapter for the brewery begins with me, Joe, the new owner.

I love my beer... it started with home brewing when I was 15, a Boots Kit, brewed for my sisters birthday party.

It was... cloudy, fizzy, alcoholic and I learnt that cloudy beer tastes good and I have been brewing ever since.

David Lines book "Brewing Beers like those you buy" was my go reference! I think it was used by most amateur brewers (of my age)

and it encourage me to find those original beers, compare them against my brews...

then experiment (it came naturally as an ex chemist and latterly an IT geek!)

with new recipes, which improved my brewing techniques.

My brewing ethos developed over time. Now it is to keep it traditional and make it flavourful.

Recently this led me to brew original recipes from the late 18th and early 19th centuries where

the flavour comes from the Malt and English Hops. You get fantastic flavours from simple recipes!   

​Looking to the future I'll continue to run the regular curry & a pint nights and promote the use of the Taproom. I'll expand the number of beers, move into small batch cider making and look at bottling. Above all I’ll enjoy working in the fantastic environment that is the community at the Pierrepont Farm.

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