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Brewery & Taproom, Pierrepont Home Farm, The Reeds Road, Frensham, Surrey.

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​We are so proud of our brews. Each is individually crafted to provide a distinct aroma and flavour.
Cask fresh, unfined, unfiltered, made without any artificial ingredients to create wonderfully unique Beers & Ciders. All our brews are vegan.  


i.PA India Pale Ale

A single hopped IPA, using an English hop, Endeavour. It has a complex blackcurrant, loganberry and spice aroma with flavour inherited from Cascade, light citrus grapefruit and lime notes

*i.PA looks like this name comes from India Pale Ale... it can, but in reality it came from a geeky IT history, 
inter Personal Assistant.


Alc. 5.3% // IBUs 47
265 Calories, 1 pt serving

i.PL India Pale Light

A light coloured, lighter alcohol ale with a delicate spice aroma. It has a subtle fruity start which evolves into a balanced hoppy finish characteristic of an IPA.

*i.PL looks like this name comes from a light version of India Pale Light (Ale) ... it can, but in reality, it came from a geeky IT history working with AS400’s 

initial Program Load.


Alc. 3.2% // IBUs 42
195 Calories, 1 pt serving

Owlswood Porter

A rich dark porter at 6%, using a blend of chocolate malt and maris otter pale ale malt, with hints of coriander, juniper berries and orange peel, giving a fine roasted coffee/dark chocolate flavour profile.


Alc. 6.0% // IBUs 35
285 Calories, 1 pt serving

Forager Ale

A beautifully rich and delightfully refreshing copper coloured ale, with an earthy spring in its step. A complex floral aroma, with hints of a forest glade leads to subtle oak/vanilla notes, offset with a caramel/spicy hop balance.
Full of character and fine depth with a lingering bitterness at the finish which dances on the palate. A moreish ale


Alc. 4.5% // IBUs 29
213 Calories, 1 pt serving

Rambler Pale Ale

Our award winning, 3.9% golden refreshing ale, fruity hops with an  oak edge give rise to a satisfying bitterness. A well rounded and interesting combination of both floral and hop aromas make for an easy light beer.


Alc. 3.9% // IBUs 42
185 Calories, 1 pt serving

Soul Golden Ale

A light floral 3.8% session beer, using the finest blend of ingredients, this golden ale has biscuit orange notes, originally made for 'The Three Horseshoes' in Thursley for their 10th anniversary. This beer is now only available direct from the brewery.


Alc. 3.8% // IBUs 35
180 Calories, 1 pt serving


PDA Dark Amber Ale

A dark amber beer full of dusky, hoppy & dark malt flavours. Single hopped, with Prima Donna hops collected by the Farnham Hoppers, provide an ethereal balance between flavour & bitterness. Dry hopping 
accentuates the flowery notes leading to light citrus, herbal & woody hints.

*PDA looks like this name comes from the name of the hop, Prima Donna... it can, but in reality it came from a geeky IT history, 
Personal Digital Assistant.


Alc. 4.5% // IBUs 32
215 Calories, 1 pt serving

GDA Golden Ale

A beautifully golden ale, green hopped with Prima Donna Hops, added to the brew on the same day they were harvested by the Farnham Hoppers. A seasonal one off. It has a well rounded bitterness with a fresh  (green) citrus spice aroma and fruity hop hints. A perfect ale to see the year out.

*GDA looks like this name comes from Green and the hop name Prima Donna = Greena Donna Ale... It can, but in reality it came from a geeky IT history, Graphic Display Adaptor. 


Alc. 3.9% // IBUs 43
185 Calories, 1 pt serving

Silent Flight Ruby Ale

A rich ruby ale at 4.2%. Brewed especially by invitation for Farnham

Beerex's 40th anniversary. A well rounded bitterness with a floral spice aroma and fruity hints. A perfect Sping/Autumnal beer


Alc. 4.2% // IBUs 36
200 Calories, 1 pt serving